VFX Artist

31 August 2009, London / UK.

Directed by Pete Candeland at Passion Pictures
Full Credits:
Title: Rock Band II Cinematic
Client: Harmonix Music
Product: Rock Band II – Cinematic
Art Director: Ryan Lesser, Pete Maguire
Producer: Anna Lord
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands
Storyboard and Design: Pete Candeland, Alberto Mielgo
Writers: Pete Candeland, Lee Gingold, Giles Dill
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
CG Animation: Vincent Aupetit, Michael Cawood, Wes Coman, Gui Glachant, Lina Kousnetsova, Donny Mahmood, David Sigrist, Chris Welsby
Lead Character Modelling: Mario Ucci
Character Modelling: Cesar Eiji Nunes
Rigging: Chris Dawson
Prop Modelling: Ian Brown, Simon Reeves, Raymond Slattery
Senior 3D Artists: Nuno Conceicao, Harry Bardak
3D Artists: Tommy Andersson, Claire Michaud, Quentin Vien, Simon Reeves
VFX Artists: Alex Doss, Jamie Franks, Sajjad Amjad, Haavard Ness, Giles Dill
Render Wrangler: Michael Sofoluke
Lead Compositor: Niamh Lines
Compositing: David Lea, Luke Carpenter, John Taylor, Lee Gingold, Kristian Hammerstad, John Williams
TDs: Julian Hodgson, Alan Jones
Matte Painting: Max Dennison
Facial motion capture: Image Metrics
Motion capture: Audiomotion Studios Ltd, UK
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Actors: Ben Davies, Fathia Tidadini, Scott Vining, Gary Comber
Software used: Xsi, Modo, Motor, After FX v7, Final Cut Pro
Editors: Lee Gingold, Daniel Greenway, Jaime Rubio, Tim King, Klaus Heinecke
Colourist: Mick Vincent on Baselight at The Mill, London
Music: ‘Hello There’ Cheap Trick

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