01 November 2016, Amsterdam.

Hic.. Hiccup!

This project is a small campaign of 2 films. Turn around was about 4 weeks.  Couple of interesting points on that project: Firstly, the rendering needed to look like the game, with minor polishing. And secondly, as the game was developed in Maya, it was better to keep the base and build from it. To me personally the biggest interest was to have another opportunity to work with the absolute best creatives directors in Asmterdam, IMHO, namely Pierre Ducos and Bertrand Bey, aka P&B.
The team was made of 4 people: Lucy Morton-Hicks as the Producer based in london, Tiziana Benguerbi as the link between offices Amsterdam/London, Pierre Ducos & Bertrand Bey with Story telling & Animation, MPC worked on grading the final polished frames.
Agency : WE ARE PI Director : P&B Production: Not To Scale