Character Animation & TD

15 June 2008

When art meets function.

That was an unspoken captivating challenge. The idea that this would help visualize and explore this extremely complex muscle was the main motivation. Having the privilege of collaborating with such high level doctors and scientists, having them guiding me every step of the way to achieve the most accurate result possible. And by High level doctors, picture white hair.. bleach white-white, white as cotton-white.

Now, the team I was collaborating with at Glassworks made this project exceed my expectations. Daily, sometimes hourly. Naming those pearls : Adam Cubitt, Lead Developer, I can truly say I’ve met a Genius after meeting him. Peter ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Reilly, making one of the most beautiful, clean&efficient UIs I’ve ever seen. ¬†Andreas ‘Lingonberry’ Bystrom, Lead Look Artist. James Mann, he just made the model. I know! minor contribution to the whole.

The Task

The videos bellow demonstrate the system running realtime. One could navigate around using the traditional mouse&keyboard, or a custom built probe on a realistic mannequin, I call her Chlamydia.

My task here was to animate the heart cycle as best as I could. Of course we had interations on the model at all times during the process, and those changes needed to be carried onto the animation process, and cross-checked from within Heartworks interface.

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