05 August 2016, Brussels Sproutsels.

B*tch at the Beach!

This project deserves the tag of ‘one of heaviest&challenging projects I’ve had since my times at Passion Pictures’. The schedule was about 4 weeks to work on look dev of a couple of characters, character posing, Animation&Rig assisting.

The team had around 7 amazing people involved, Jean-Louis Billard as VFX Supervisor, Pierre Cambier as 3d Lead, Thibault Pierre as Character Lead, Ludovic Desclin as TD, Savinien Boyer and Céline Chotard with the animation of all shots, Will Preston with Environment Modeling&Texturing and MPC grading the final polished frames. Agency : BMB Director : Diarmid Harrison-Murray Production: Krypton Films

Fruity Characters Look Dev, Shot Posing & Render

Shots Wrangle & Render