Animator & TD

02 October 2015

To this day, I’m puzzled by this Feat.

The idea of this project was to shoot a commercial with a live projection happening while the actors delivered the lines. And to my surprise, all the transitions came out pristine, straight from the render. Of course, comp is always the final step.

I dont have the final version yet, I will update this as soon as I get hold of it.
Check the ‘sister’ ad as a reference
. I’ve worked on the playground shot, office, stairs and speakers.

What you see above is Rüdiger checking timings on the piece with Anya. Everytime I watch this, Im sure he’s not going to make it thru the door and smash the wall, face first. But he always make it thru – Magic !

I’m not aware of all the people involved on this one. But here’s a list I’m pulling from memory: Anya Kruzmetra as the Producer, Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser as Project Lead. Norbert Kiehne, Martin Chaterjee & Tim Bolland as Animators & TDs.